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What is Ashiatsu?

Ashi what?!


Ashiatsu is a massage modality where the practitioner mainly uses their feet to apply pressure to the client. Yes, that means I will be standing on the table! The origins of ashiatsu can be traced back to ancient China, Japan, and other Asian countries. In Japanese, "ashi" means foot and "atsu" means pressure. 

Fast forward to the last 30 years, ashiatsu has begun to evolve into a fast growing niche in the massage industry. DeepFeet™ is a company based in Colorado. The founder, Ruthie Hardee, invented her own style called Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy. This is the style I trained in. I have been practicing this specialized technique since February 2022. 

The benefits of ashi massage are endless. Apply all the regular benefits of a relaxation massage, deep tissue massage, and trigger point massage, then add some more!  For clients looking for more flexibility, like yoga instructors, the long gravity-assisted strokes stretch out the muscle fibers.  Anyone looking to relieve chronic pain should try ashiatsu also.  It loosens tight muscles and increases circulation to flush out any inflammation which could cause chronic pain.  For trigger point and adhesion relief, the compression strokes applied with the broad surface area of the feet along with the deep pressure releases the connective tissue that creates much of the discomfort.


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